SGD 399.00
SGD 450.00


SGD 399.00
This one is another stylish, simple, and comfortable bassinet, MACHES. 
This handcrafted beauty will not only be the perfect sleeping spot for your newborn, 
it will also look stunning in the nursery with its beautiful and unique shape.

It is made by our team of super talented artisans in Indonesia who take a lot of pride
and care in their work. 
This unique bassinet will be a piece of furniture that could go from
generation to generation as it is super sturdy with that timeless design.

Our rattan products have a water based finishing coat that is non toxic & eco-friendly.
Ideal for newborns through 7 months and should not be used once a baby can pull themselves up.

- Mattress
- Bumper
- 1 Pillow
- 2 Bolsters
- Standing

Rattan, with a firm and well-fitted foam mattress. Most fitted cot sheets will suit our range of bassinets.

90cm High x 100cm Long x 60cm Wide. Easily assembled with four screws.

To keep your rattan looking fabulous, wipe over gently with a damp cloth, this rejuvenates the rattan and keeps it looking new. 

Due to our products being individually handmade, there may be slight variations in the appearance of each piece,
which gives our products their unique character and charm.